The Children of Now

Everything these children have been told is wrong with them is actually what’s right with them. They are our hope and our future. 

Excerpted from the books of Meg Blackburn Losey

From Conversations with the Children of Now, “How can I express the wonder that I felt as I came to know each of these brilliant hearts? In their innocence, each has offered some glint of light into a world that many have forgotten, as well as the suggestion that there are choices and infinite possibilities available to us.

Some children have chosen to bring their gifts into the world in a public way. Others choose to remain more private, touching those in their everday circles with the love of the infinite.

Each child is a magnificent mirror for humanity. They will teach us love and beyond.” 

Meg Blackburn Losey, from Parenting the Children of Now:

“I can’t count the number of parents who have written me, filled with angst that they have been graced with one or more of the Children of Now. Many of these parents are nearly panicked, thinking there is something wrong with their kids. Because their children are so sensitive, astute in matters of life and heart, the children are often seen as abnormal, in need, lacking, or just plain strange.

Some of them are! Such children are gifts to our world and more to the point, to humanity. Great numbers of these kids have such deep powers of observation and intuitive feeling that they are often way ahead of us, and we don’t know what to do with that.

The truth is that there isn’t anything at all wrong with our kids. The problem lies with us. Society – and beyond. We turn a blind eye to the fact that humanity has evolved to a greater state of awareness and sensitivity. We, as a society are so bound by the rules we have created that we have lost sight of what we are really doing. We have lost sight of the personal, of the experience of life. We refuse to bend, choosing to stay in our safe zones because they are predictable. We maintain the same school curriculums that were set in place over a hundred years ago. We are living by archaic systems, perceptions, and rules. It is time for change.

In every moment, being born into this world are children who are part of a fast-forward evolution of the consciousness of humanity. These kids are gifted in ways that we don’t always understand. They are intuitive, wise beyond their years, sentient, feeling everything beyond their five senses with their entire bodies. They fidget; they move beyond the speed of light, never seeming to land until they finally fall asleep.

Many, many of these children, whom I call the Children of Now, are being diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, and bipolar disorders. They are being drugged so that they fit the expected norm of society and our school systems. They are carrying the stigma of dysfunction, and because of this, they are coming to believe that they are not good enough, broken, and in some cases, perhaps even undeserving of life.

But there is nothing wrong with them.  Nothing. At All. Period.

The Children of Now exhibit expanded human awareness – the ability to think holographically. These children mentally store data as if their brains are compartmentalized and have intricate filing systems.

The Children of Now are here to help us remember who we are as human beings. … The Children of Now often say things that are so profound it is as if they are messengers of God, as if they are wise sages reaching into the infinite and pulling out sentiments that rock us to our cores.

In spite of appearances and in spite of their wisdom and perceptions, these kids have real needs. They are being sabotaged by society and even their family systems due to simple ignorance.

The Children of Now need our help.”

Everything these children have been told is wrong with them is actually what’s right with them. They are our hope for the future. They will solve challenges we can’t even imagine. They have abilities we only dream of, and we have to nurture them and allow them to unfold as they are meant to. We need their gifts and talents, and they need our love and encouragement. The dedicated staff of The School of Now will provide the nurturance they require.

We, at The School of Now are developing testing, methodologies and curriculum to address the diverse needs of these gifted children. We believe these children are evidence that humanity is changing and we must change with them. It’s time to move rapidly toward accommodating them.

The children need your sponsorship, donations and support because the world is depending on these future visionaries, these Children of Now.

Thanks for your commitment to our future. Together, we can make it brighter than we can possibly imagine, but the children see it, and they will show it to us if we give them strong roots and wings to fly.

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